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Wolontariat w Afryce


Chamuka is an area in Chisamba district located 100 Kilometres north, away from the Capital city of Zambia, Lusaka.

In this area, villagers do some farming by growing Maize (Corn) and Peanuts and keeping herds of Cattle (Cows) to sustain their leaving. Zambia has a very good raining pattern, in that during this season the villagers have abundant food and the animals are healthy due to the green pasture they graze on.


However, it’s a different story during the dry season, the food is scarce, and poverty strikes in many families because they are only dependant on the foods they grow during the rainy season and a lot of Cattle die due to luck of grazing land and luck of drinking water. In the village there is only one car which is very old but still functional. This car is used often as an ambulance. Winston (owner of this car) is a good man and never refuse when someone from the village needs help (to be pick up to the hospital). Winston drives to the hospital whether day or night.


There are many challenges for the School going children in this area. The nearest School is located 7km from the nearby villages and during the rainy season most of the bridges are washed away and some streams are flooded with water and some are infested with crocodiles, making it impossible for the children to go to school. 

Several years ago, the villagers decided to build a Community School at an identified a Suitable area, so that the learners can access Education. Construction works started, a foundation of a two classroom block was done. However, a well that was dug, eventually dried up making some works to come to a standstill due to no water to use, the area has since developed into a thick bush.

At the beginning of this year I came up with some hope that our foundation may help as soon as possible to help the learners access Education and am so eager to make the project will succeed.  Since our previous treatments to obtain some grants from wealthier foundations failed, we resorted to adopt a small manageable program; we are targeting children in the range of 7-12 years.

The key priority areas that should  urgently be looked at are:

 - repair of deep well,

 - construction of Ventilated Pit Latrines (VIPs) toilets,

 - finding a teacher who would be willing to work as a volunteer

 - start of lessons.


and later: putting up a  1x2 classroom block, 1x2  teachers house so.


The temporal structure which is a church is being used as classroom; it is just about 300 metres form the planned structure of construction. The church dilapidated, it is not ideal for learners to be learning from there because even the walls have serious cracks, that is why there is urgent need for some donors to come on board, for assistance.

Upon my visit, I found out that lessons were already taking place, and that 52 children were present of which even more were still to come though there is limited space and no water for drinking hence the urgent need to drill a borehole and put up toilets.

An arrangement was made with Mr. Winstone Makondo , who is head of the School Building Committee to bring someone to repair the dilapidated building and to construct at least two toilets. We are also looking for one who can repair the pump. It have to be made just now!

We have already about 2,000 bricks which was made during the first enthusiasm (when few years ago the people start to build the school).

We can’t start now to make more blocks because now is rainy season. We have to jerk the bricks, which isn’t possible because of the rain. That’s why we need to wait 1 or 2 months.

The bricks will be burned in the fire (after they will be dry)

in addition to bricks and sand which we can get without to use any money, we have to buy in the city another materials (that’s why we need money).


The list of items that are needed for our project are:

 - 30 bags of cement,

 - 72 sheets of corrugated iron,

 - 10 kg of roof nails,

 - 10 kg of wire,

 - 30 timber 150x100mm,

 - 50 timber 50x50mm,

 - 25 kg of 4-inch nails

 - 15 bottles of wood preservative

 - 10 buckets of paint,

 - 3 sets of external doors with frames,

 - 10 metal windows frames (for now without glass)

These materials will cost almost 4 000 $


But this is not everything what we have to pay. We need money for the transport and for professional work too. Simple work will be done for free by volunteers.

From this entire out cry, we seek any kind of donations to make this Foundation a success, we need to alleviate the poverty that our children are facing and all this can be achieved by your assistance. May the hand that stretches out to help be blessed.  We promise to keep you updated on our  website and FaceBook page.

Rolande, Dana, Winston, Manson and Stefan